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NI Open 2022!

Five Judo Academy players attended the NI Open at Foyle Arena on Saturday! The NI Open is a Level 4 event and the biggest event in Ireland each year.

I must say that it was a 'shock to the system' for our young judoka!

Coming up against fighters from all across the UK vying for ranking points to achieve a place on the GB squads. However, a great experience of the level of events available to us now.

Quinn and Conall struggled to match the speed, intensity, and commitment of high class opponents, losing out in both outings. Although they both have another year at their respective age categories, it will take 12 months hard practice, focus, and commitment to achieve a better performance next time out.

Aodhan and Adrian won one match each, gaining a credible bronze medal in tough groups. Aodhan narrowly lost out on a silver medal by getting disqualified in one of his matches. A massive learning experience for both!

Imogen also achieved a bronze medal, but had no wins. Must work harder is the tail of the tape for Imogen!

Dare I say, but with a lot more effort in the club sessions each week, not missing any training, arriving late, leaving early etc. will reap more rewards; along with a bit more experience and quite a bit of maturity to follow...

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