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National Governing Bodies require that each coach and student carry insurance for taking part in Judo. This MUST be in place after 4 classes.  During the first 4 classes, insurance is included as as a 'trial' period.  The Judo Academy insurance is in the form of a membership system.  Using this system, all participants will have their own insurance policy, membership and record book, grading syllabus, and online resources.  The Judo Academy have purchased a bespoke insurance plan that allows costs to be minimal while helping continue student development and progression through the grades and fundamentals of judo.


The Judo Academy membership/insurance package is for 12 months, starting on the first day of the month purchased.  Membership must be renewed each year and an email will be sent as a reminder.  The cost of The Judo Academy membership/insurance for 2024 is,


£15 per person 











1. Complete the membership form below

2. Make payment through the Gocardless tab above

3. You will receive a membership package with membership number, record book and grading syllabus at the next class

4. You will be eligible to grade through The Judo Academy bespoke grading programme

5. You will be eligible to practice and train at The Judo Academy classes in any location

6. You will be  eligible to attend Judo Academy festivals, events, and CPD courses

7. You will be able to make use of The Judo Academy online resources and programmes

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Membership Form

You are now a member of The Judo Aacdemy!

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