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Park Lodge Judo Academy


Hosted at Park Lodge Primary School (Belfast)

Monday 2.00-3.00pm (P2-3)

Monday 3.00-4.00pm (P4-7)


To join our Park Lodge Academy, we have a simple 3 stage process.

Stage 1 - Click the button here and enter the details of the person joining.

Park Lodge Payment

Stage 2 - Choose payment method.

Click on either

1. Weekly direct debit link

2. Bank transfer

Stage 3 - After 4 sessions, you will need to return here and complete the membership form and payment link to be insured as a judo player.

If this is not complete, you will not be able to participate.

Park Lodge Form
Park Lodge Application Form

Medical Form - Download and  complete upon request only

I agree to the policies & procedures as listed
I consent to the above named to appear in:
I consent to the information above being used in line with the club's GDPR privacy statement

Thanks for booking a place!

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