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We have a British Champion at The Judo Academy!

Weekend of 9-10 March 2024 saw four Judo Academy players represent their school, club, and NI Pathway Squad at the 2024 British School's Judo Championships in Sheffield.

Quinn, Conall, Aodhan, and Imogen travelled with the squad for the event that took place over two days at the EIS , Sheffield.

Imogen had a very tough pool and lost to both the eventual Gold and Silver medallists.

She put up a great fight, but was overpowered in the end by very aggressive fighters.

Aodhan had 2 fantastic wins and 2 losses, defeated in the bronze medal fight to achieve a credible 5th place in his category, no mean feat!

Conall won his first fight and was looking very good for a win in his second when disaster struck. An accidental, and certainly unintentional situation ended up with his score being reviewed and direct disqualification for him.

Unfortunately, by the tournament rules, Conall was not allowed to continue. Gutted for Conall as his opponent ended up in the final.

Quinn was the star of the day!

4 wins by ippon with a variety of tachiwaza and newaza. First fight by waza ari throw and San Gaku turnover to hold. On his way to the final, and in his second fight, Quinn defeated his nemesis from Wales by ippon throw.

Semi Final saw another superb ippon throw to set up a final with a scrapper of an opponent that kept coming forward the whole contest.

After a significant 50/50 4 minute scrap, Golden Score ensued. It could have went either way, but Quinn's determination and perseverance paid off and he scored waza ari to become the Judo Academy's first British Champion.

Well done Quinn!

A big shout out to the NI Pathway Squad that has come such a long way. A great haul of medals, 2 Gold, 2 Silver, 1 Bronze, 2 x 5th places, and 1 x 7th place. This is an incredible set of results for NI Judo, and it is with thanks to Sport Ni for supporting the voluntary initiative, set up two and a half years ago!

With continuing support, this program can grow progressively and inclusively to raise the level of judo across the country!

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Fantastic, well done all 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

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