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4 Gold, 2 Bronze at Galway Open 2020!

Noticeable improvements from everyone that attended the Galway Open today.

Star of the show was the youngest member of the team, Imogen who had 5 matches, winning all by ippon and capturing the Gold medal. Big brother Quinn was feeling the pressure...

Aodhan followed up in the minor section with 2 emphatic wins and achieving Gold medal number two for his team.

Not to be undone, big brother Conall showed some fine style with 2 more wins and a Gold medal.

Quinn took the Gold in style with 2 quickfire wins in his category.

Cara showed fantastic spirit in her 2 matches and achieved a hard earned bronze medal.

Last, but certainly not least was Jonah, with 1 win and 1 loss winning a fine bronze medal.

All in all, The Judo Academy had 15 matches, 12 were won by ippon and the team earned 4 Gold and 2 bronze medals!

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