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January 'Lockdown' Project!

From December 26th, we began a minimum 6 week 'lockdown' in N.Ireland. That is on top of the restrictions imposed from 16th October 2020.

With funding help and support from Lisburn and Castlereagh City Council, Sport Ni and some forward thinking from Judo Academy coaches, we have managed to design a 'lockdown project' for our players.

We know that our sport will be modified for the foreseeable future, and that we will likely not be able to grapple, throw or do 'randori' for a while.

We decided to invest in unfilled grappling dummies for the club. The project is for the children, teenagers and adults to build, or fill, their own grappling dummy at home during their time off the mats.

This will serve 2 purposes, one that they can use the 'dummy' as a partner and take part in the online tutorials; and two, on the return to the mats, the club will be able to continue as close to normally as possible, with each participant able to use the 'dummies' in a modified training setting.

This will mean that the club can meet government restrictions on social distancing, no contact, and keep everyone as safe as possible!

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