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Black belt by 'Batsukan' for Quinn!

'Batsukan' or 'beating all comers' is the ultimate way to achieve a competitive Black belt in judo. 5 wins by Ippon with a 'line up' of three fighters in a row, one after the other.

15 year old Quinn achieved 'Batsukan' today at the competitive Dan Grading in Campbell College. 6 fights and 6 wins by ippon, the culmination of almost 10 years work, joining an after schools judo club at The Judo Academy, and progressing to Lisburn Academy, NI pathway squad, Commonwealth Championships and much more.

We look forward to seeing Quinn continue his progress at The Judo Academy in the future!

No need to say much more other than take a look at the Youtube videos below!

Well done Quinn, very proud club!

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