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Grading confirmed on Sunday 8th August!

You are invited to attend a club grading and seminar on Sunday 8th August in Lisburn Racquets Club. It will be from 10.00am-12.00pm, followed by the normal judo training from 12.15-1.30pm. (Grading may continue through the class)

This is the first opportunity for 1st kyu brown belts to move towards their 1st dan black belt, and for black belts to begin moving towards their next ‘dan’ grade.

It is also an opportunity for adults to progress to their next grade.

We will be employing one of only 3 fully qualified senior technical and kata examiners in N. Ireland to conduct and oversee the assessments, sign technical examination cards, and record grading results awarded towards ‘dan’ grades.

The cost of grading and seminar is £20, to include assessment, administration, and belt provision.

If you wish to attend the seminar as a means of additional learning, the cost is £10.

What you need to bring along:

1. Record/license book (check renewal date on the book/card)

2. £20 grading fee / or £10 seminar attendance fee.

We will provide BJA grading cards and result sheets.

The grading fee can also be paid online at the link below.

New belts will be awarded the week after the grading.

If you wish to start, or continue the grading process, you can find more information and resources at,

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