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NI Pathway Squad 2021!

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

The Judo Academy are hosting the inaugural NI Pathway Squad session on Sunday 7 November 2021. Session begins at 10.30am.

That means the players selected should be standing on the mats in full kit at 10.15am.

The Judo Academy coaches have selected 11 players to attend the first session.

After session 1, the other pathway coaches will meet and select which players are ready to progress and continue on the program.

Future sessions will rotate around Lisburn, Portadown, Coleraine, and Derry. Players will be expected to attend as many sessions as possible with the aim of travelling further afield to training camps, competitions, courses and events.

Clean white judo suits, no jewellery, white t-shirts for females and best attention and attitude.

We expect Judo Academy players to showcase their skills, abilities, attitude, and commitment, welcome players and coaches from other clubs and show we are an open and inclusive club striving for progress!

2 techniques to begin are Harai Goshi and Uchi Mata...see link below!

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