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Covid-19 Update!

We hope everyone is feeling well and staying healthy and want to say that If there is anything we can do for anyone, please do not hesitate to give us a call.

We are still in ‘lockdown’ as per government guidelines but wanted to keep in contact and let you know what we have been up to.


1. Online Grading initiative has had a fantastic response from both children and parents. Grade awards have been posted out and feedback has been excellent. This initiative will run until 30th April after which we cannot accept any more assessments.

2. Website blog has been regularly updated with information, videos and ideas for keeping active at home.

3. Twitter @thejudoacademy is frequently busy with tips from other sources, pictures, video and educational information. Feel free to join.

4. Youtube channel is active and we will be posting full training sessions that everyone can take part in this week.

5. Zoom video conferencing will commence on Wednesday evening from 6.00pm. Invites on request.


Governing bodies of Judo are responsible for insuring members through their yearly membership. NI judo has initially added 3 months on to their current members licenses. This will be reviewed as time goes on. A committee has been set up to come up with ideas and promotions to help everyone keep learning, keep active and stay in contact with club members. If any NI license is out of date, they should renew online at

Irish Judo have a ‘future plans’ committee and will be advising shortly of measures taken regarding licensing and getting back on the mats safely.

We will continue to communicate through text, email and website with further developments as they present themselves.

In the meantime, keep up to date on our website, social media outlet Twitter @thejudoacademy

Kind Regards

The Judo Academy Coaching team

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