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Good news story from Cillian!


I wanted to share a lovely story with you. Every Friday in my work, as our office is closed at the moment and we are all working from home, our MD has a call for an hour, a touch base. This week he encouraged staff to send in videos or pics, work or non work related.

Cillian was so proud of his certificate and belt (it arrived on Thursday, thanks so much!) he asked could i take a pic of them and send them in. The presentation that was screenshared had loads of videos, of staff learning new skills, attempts at hair cuts, and Cillian's pic.

When asked to explain, I stated that you and the wider judo community agreed for them to do online grading, and how this just meant the world to Cillian as he really needs to know that there is consistency and structure for him.

At the end of the presentation, the MD declared that Cillian's pic was deemed to be the winner, for its heartfelt meaning, of his pride in himself that he wanted this shared with my work, and the care and concern you and your colleagues in judo show for our kids! He won an amazon voucher!!!

Added bonus is my Japanese came on a treat!!!

He is proud as punch, as should you be :)

Happy Sunday. He has also subscribed to the youTube :)


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