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Great success at Swords Open 2019!

Six players travelled to Dublin to attend the Swords Open event at the weekend. The team achieved one silver and two bronze medals and a great experience worth much more than the medals show.

Imogen narrowly missed out on a medal in a tough group with nine competitors, winning one and losing two. A lot of progression shown on the day and we are delighted with her performance.

Aodhan starred with a hard fought bronze medal, losing his first match and coming back with two fantastic wins. Training 3-4 times a week with big brother certainly shows.

Aiden number two was up against it from the start, competing in a higher weight category (no one else to go against), but gained valuable mat time and showed amazing team spirit and support as always.

Cara's first outing at Swords saw her compete really strongly against two very experienced players, one from the Scottish team. No wins this time, but Cara stood up very well and showed that the hard work and training will pay off. Baby steps and keep moving forward.

Not to be outdone by little brother, and after a poor start to the campaign, Conall came through with two strong wins to take a bronze medal. Two medals going home to the McGivern household today!

The last contests of the day belonged to Quinn. After a very long wait, Quinn secured himself a silver medal, narrowly missing out on the elusive gold medal that the training and dedication deserves.

We are very confident that The Judo Academy is moving on the right path and with continued support and efforts from the team of coaches, players and parents, we will continue to have outstanding developments.

Finally, many thanks to coach Davy for looking after the team today. Everyone must stick together to gain maximum benefits for all.

A massive well done to everyone that took part and was involved at Swords!

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