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HIIT for Judo is now live!

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

Building skills for life and Judo.

See preview and click link to purchase!

The Judo Academy and Lear Training have designed a judo course to begin to develop an 'Online Learning Hub'. The 'Online Learning Hub' can be used by current players, non judo players, parents, siblings, coaches and prospective judo practitioners.

Each course will develop skills and knowledge on the major areas of the sport. The first focuses on the skills for Tachiwaza (standing techniques).

Students can purchase the course, enjoy the regular additions to their own learning and training hub and build their own resource library for sport. The course is recommended for all ages and abilities and has something for the whole family.

We mean to produce and share future online courses on relevant topical judo and sport related issues such as Nutrition, Mental Health Awareness, Video analysis, Strength and Conditioning, Newaza and much more....

Showing the world that 'Everyone can do Judo'!

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