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Remote Learning 3 - All Levels!

We spend so much time concentrating on 'physically practicing' the techniques at class and it is easy for coaches to miss out teaching theory, understanding and the moral code of judo.

With this in mind, we have brought forward a set of comprehension based assessment papers that will challenge participants to watch judo videos, search for information, research topics and generally use their mind to broaden their knowledge and understanding of Judo.

Based on the Technical Grading Scheme, Fundamental Principles of throwing, Judo's Moral Code and teaching at The Judo Academy classes, we have developed a series of Remote Learning Tasks for each Belt Grade.

These assessment papers have been specifically designed by The Judo Academy to enhance the work done on the mat and will challenge even those most experienced players at the club. The aim is to build a story of judo from the ground up.

As a bonus, the results of assessments can be used toward your next grading. Everyone is expected to begin at Red belt and complete all assessments up to their grade level.

The first assessment paper is now ready, is available on request and will be distributed for everyone to complete next week!

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