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Remote Training 1!

Remember that this is the first port of call for all judoka. The main principle for learning is the entry in to the main forward techniques.

Coaching points are as follows;

Keep band taut

Full 180 turn,

On the front of the foot, NOT heals,

Direction hand in front and high,

Control hand across body, (looking at wrist watch)

Do not let band pull you off balance,

Finish with shoulder rotation.


If you do not have a band, use a judo belt,

Sets of 10-15 reps,

Both Right and Left Sided,

Use visualisation for different throws, ie. think about where hands, feet, knees, hips and shoulders are placed for each throw

No less than 100 reps per session,

Every day if possible.

This exercise will be vital on return to the mats!

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