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Statement on COVID-19!

Club Judo Classes

Judo in Lisburn will be on tomorrow Sunday 15th March.

From 2.00pm tomorrow, The Judo Academy will follow the recommendations of the Government, National Governing Body for Judo and Education Authority and suspend all club activities from Sunday 15th March at 2.00pm until Sunday 29th March at 11.00am.

After Schools Judo Classes

If the schools remain open, The Judo Academy will attend and look after the children as normal.

If the school is closed, The Judo Academy will return and continue as normal when the school reopens, or when it is recommended to do so.

Actions taken

To help lessen the spread of infection, The Judo Academy will be carrying out an antibacterial deep clean of all matting used in both clubs and schools before the next sessions.

We ask those attending classes to follow the medical and hygiene recommendations regarding washing hands, using disposable tissues and being vigilant in these areas.

We also ask if anyone is feeling ill with cough, sore throat, fever or flu like symptoms, please remain at home and follow the NHS guidelines at that time.

Full up to date information can be found at;

We fully understand that everyone has their own individual and local circumstances to consider and currently ask people to make their own decisions in attending classes or events.

We will not allow any child to miss out on a grade or event because of this and will welcome everyone back on the mats as soon as is safe to do so.

We will communicate through text, email and website with further developments as they present themselves.

In the meantime, keep up to date on our website, social media outlet Twitter @thejudoacademy

Kind Regards

The Judo Academy Coaching team

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